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Our mission is to help you level up your product management game by gaining practical experience working through the entire product development process, increasing your confidence in handling complex situations, and enhancing your ability to land that perfect product management position.


  • 24/7 access: to a vibrant community full of like-minded peers from around the world to share knowledge, experiences and tips on various topics related to product development.
  • Mentorship and coaching: from successful product leaders who can help you reach your full potential.
  • Networking opportunities: to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about product design and development.
  • CV review and feedback:  increase your chances of getting the perfect product job by having a mentor review and give feedback on your CV.
  • Free resources: like how-to videos, tips and templates to help you explore the community & build your product management knowledge.
  • Product Hack events: accelerate your learning through hands-on experience with product management techniques, industry-leading software and working within multi-discipline product delivery teams.
  • The opportunity to join our exclusive Product Pioneers training programme (Coming Soon).

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